August 31, 2016


The principle behind i360medical is to act as an international and national innovation enabler and hub that has all the expertise necessary to take new healthcare ideas and medical technologies to market.


Clinicians - All Specialities
General Practitioners
Primary Care Experts
Clinical Trainees
Medical Students
International Clinical Opinions/Feedback

Team i360 includes our range of dedicated clinicians /physicians whose expertise covers all key clinical specialties. i360’s extensive reach to inventive clinicians via our international clinical advisory board includes the USA, Europe and Australasia. This provides i360 real-time, relevant and confidential information on clinical practice and patient care, for current and future technology applications.


Engineering, Design, Software
Class I, II, III Devices
Define Unmet Needs
Problem Solving
Product Development
Concept Prototyping
Design for Manufacturing

Team i360’s in house engineering team work from idea to development with expertise in all of the key clinical specialties. Our engineering group have a track record in developing various technologies within key clinical applications.


Market Research
R&D Strategy
Risk Reward Analysis
Business Plan Development
Intellectual Property Management
Project Management
Investment Strategy
Training Solutions

Team i360’s Commercial and Business group has expertise in commercializing healthcare technologies through start-ups and/or licencing deals with international healthcare strategics.


Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trial Management & Development
CE & FDA Submissions
IMB & Ethics Approval
Protocol Development (CIP)
Global Clinical Investigations Implementation

Team i360 has in-house and external expertise in RA and QA. Our RA, QA group has a track record in achieving FDA and CE for medical devices in multiple key specialties.


Start Ups
Presell to industry exit/partner, licence
Spin outs, joint ventures
Acquisitions to first and second tier healthcare companies

Team i360’s Commercial and Business Group has expertise in commercializing healthcare technologies through start- ups and/or licencing deals with international healthcare strategics. Through its experienced commercial board and executive board have built a partnership network with many healthcare strategics.